Alemtech provides a wide-range of cybersecurity consulting services with an emphasis on long-term network and data security through effective planning and practical strategy. Alemtech's dedicated process and experience has provided solutions to over a hundred businesses operating in fintech, blockchain, retail, e- commerce, and other sectors.

Alemtech assists its customers in shaping and refining their security efforts in network security, anti-phishing, and privacy-related concerns and matters by providing the following:

Fintech Security

Security forms the basis and groundwork of the financial services industry, and keeping client information safe and protected is a major responsibility at Alemtech.

Web App Security

Alemtech continuously stays up-to-date and alert about the most current and severe cyber-attacks in the industry in order to discover security vulnerabilities and meticulously appraise your web applications.

Cloud Security

Alemtech works to safeguard the infrastructure providers and the system's major platforms.

Application Program Interface (API) Security

Alemtech supports the infrastructure and secures your API with a methodology and process that includes pre-engagement exchanges, threat modeling, static examination, dynamic study and reporting.

Security for Developers and Operatives Alemtech will help you integrate and clarify security solutions to all parties that are accountable for the security of the application, including programmers, operatives and solution specialists. 

Security Audits of Intelligent Contracts

Alemtech will appraise and examine all the code behind secure agreements and communications so that they are safe from any susceptibility; this includes reviewing procedures and authenticating the strength of the code and security features.

Alemtech operates through a combination of hands-on monitoring, aggressive reviews and evaluations, and logical security protocols, providing the best solutions in the market in a clear, accessible way.